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Assessing Marine Risk of a Wind Farm Offshore Hong Kong

A BMT study demonstrates environmental and marine traffic acceptability of a proposed offshore windfarm

Following on from a site assessment study, BMT has been assisting the evaluation and mitigation of environmental and marine issues associated with a 100MW offshore wind farm.

The particular challenges at this site were associated with the positioning of the wind farm within an area bounded by major traffic lanes and ensuring unacceptable impacts were not created.

The project will consist of 28 to 35 turbines set around 4km southwest of Lamma Island in Hong Kong and generate enough electricity for about 50,000 families.

Our Approach

"Offshore is not Onshore and Water" and BMT with its history in

marine technology has been well placed to support developers like Hong Kong Electric in the characterisation of the offshore wind/wave environment, analysis of shipping patterns, the development of wave tolerant installation concepts, or the design and deployment of offshore support craft and turbine access systems.

The project first involved the data gathering, interpretation and analysis of marine traffic activity, and the development and stakeholder review of mitigation measures in compliance with relevant local and international standards.

This included the assessment of existing and forecast vessel routes to calculate collision risk for the construction, operation and decommissioning activities.

Outcome and Benefits

The study demonstrated in a clear and auditable manner that the proposed wind farm would not have unacceptable impacts on adjacent marine traffic.

Following the completion of the MNSRA the project gained its Environmental Permit, and further public consultations have been accompanied by BMT developing a high level marine traffic plan to manage the increased level of vessel activity and marine operational control measures suitable for achieving the dual objectives of access and safety within the wind farm “footprint”.

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