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Air Warfare Destroyer Platform Design Support

BMT provided assessment and analysis of the evolved and existing AWD capability options, ultimately leading to the acquisition of the Navantia designed F100 destroyers.


The Hobart Class Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD) will be one of the world’s most capable multi-purpose warships, based on the Navantia-designed F100 as the baseline platform design and coupled with the Aegis Weapon System, the Australian Government has ensured tomorrow’s Navy has the best equipment to defend Australia and its national interests.

From December 2006 through April 2007 BMT, supported by the wider BMT Defence sector companies, provided the CoA project team with the warship platform design subject matter expertise to conduct the analysis of the evolved and existing AWD capability options.

BMT Approach

BMT employed a whole of ship, through-life approach to the analysis of the proposed AWD capability options.  This considered all aspects of operational effectiveness and through-life cost as well as the associated design risks and Australian industry’s capability to produce the ships to the required standards.

Key Features

A The specialist support provided by the BMT team included the following naval platform systems engineering and naval architecture capabilities:

  • FPS compliance assessment;
  • Stability, Sea Keeping and Manoeuvrability;
  • Speed, range and endurance evaluation;
  • Damage Control and Fire fighting Systems;
  • CBRN Defence System evaluation;
  • Habitability evaluation;
  • Structural assessment;
  • HVAC, Electrical Generation and Distribution;
  • Noise, Vibration and signatures;
  • Shock, Blast & Ballistic Protection;
  • Safety, Human Systems, Evacuation and Lifesaving;
  • Through Life Support evaluation.

Key Benefits

Using the output of the evaluation activity the team subsequently prepared two comprehensive evaluation/analysis reports to support the down select of the preferred option: a Platform System Evaluation Report and Shipbuilding Evaluation Report.

On 20 June 2007, the Australian Government announced that the Navantia designed F100 had been selected as the basis for Australia’s future Hobart Class AWDs.