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BMT SARIS: search and rescue software

We combine the experience of world coastguard agencies with our expertise in marine environmental software systems.

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Ian Smith

Business Line Manager, SARIS

Ian Smith

Business Line Manager, SARIS

Fareham, United Kingdom

+44 (0)1489 889260 vesselperformance@bmtglobal.com

Ottawa, Canada

Lee Hedd

Business Development Manager

Lee Hedd

Business Development Manager

Ottawa, Canada

+1 613 592 2830 ship-design@bmtglobal.com

Saving lives

The Search and Rescue Information System (SARIS) is a market-leading response decision support system used in Search and Rescue scenarios.

The SARIS search and rescue software version 4 is the latest generation of information technology for Search and Rescue, which has gained an international reputation over the last 20 years. It incorporates Search Area Determination (SAD) and Search Area Coverage (SAC), following IAMSAR procedures.

SARIS was designed by Coastguards and has been used by SAR Authorities across the world since 1996.

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The problem

During a search and rescue operation, the primary planning requirement is knowledge of the likely search area where the SAR operators might find the targets.  Any prevailing weather and sea conditions will complicate the trajectory of the search target.  The correct search area is, therefore, never straightforward to determine.  Our search and rescue software has been designed using forecast data and electronic charts and can be applied in any geographic ocean area.

The solution

Clear interface

Clear, step-by-step interface system allowing rapid setup during emergency operations by all staff

Metocean forecast data

Configured to operate with gridded fluid forces projections imported met ocean forecast data (NetCDF or GRIB formats)

Target types

Inbuilt database of target types, to match the object being searched for

Planning facilities

Monte Carlo, Datum Point, Datum Line and Backtrack planning facilities

Charting support

S57 ENC and Shape chart support

Target trajectory

Chart-based display of target trajectory, prevailing metocean data, and most probable search area

Results outputs

Results output to PDF, RTF, KML and XML


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