A proud history with a dedicated team


First introduced in 2013, the DuraCluster design has been successfully implemented on several draglines across North America. These installations have proven DuraCluster’s operational efficiencies, ease of installation and operational suitability for mining operators. Earlier installations on the ‘BI1570’ at Westmoreland Coal Company’s Paintearth mine, successfully reduced operational downtime and machine outage costs. Internationally, we have also partnered with ‘Warfab’ to supply the DuraCluster as a turnkey industrial solution, including outage mitigation management, boom movement and fabrication installation support.

We has secured exclusive patent rights for DuraCluster in the United States of America. International patent rights for the DuraCluster modification scheme have already been granted in the global consultancy’s key territories of Canada, Australia, South Africa and India.

Proven to provide sustainable availability for all dragline assets with boom and mast tubular clusters, the flagship DuraCluster design modification has enabled mining operators to realise reductions in machine downtime and maintenance costs related to dragline tubular structures. The DuraCluster scheme greatly improves the reliability of dragline booms which ultimately enhances machine productivity.