BMT is actively supporting some world class projects around the world. This is where we share some of the latest news on these projects.


Maritime Safety Week Announcement

Coastal Infrastructure Defence and Security Offshore Shipping - Technical Services Specialised Ship Design Surveys Water and Environment

Each year, Maritime Safety Week marks the UK government’s recognition of the excellent safety work that goes on across the maritime sector. Now in its third year, it provides a valuable opportunity to focus on specific safety challenges and what is being done to tackle them, as well as helping to share knowledge, experience and best practice and to deliver key safety messages.

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Best of BMT - Keeping the Power on the Grid

Specialised Ship Design Shipping - Technical Services

23-metre Crew Transfer Vessel for Offshore Windfarms

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26m Patrol Interceptor Vessel for Oman

Shipping - Technical Services

BMT Designs Ultra-High-Speed, Interceptor Patrol Boat for the Royal Oman Police Coast Guard.

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Best of BMT - Ferry Firsts

Shipping - Technical Services

Designing the first ferry of its type in the world posed some unique challenges.

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BMT spins-off SMART to GreenSteam

Shipping - Technical Services

BMT has sold its UK-based SMART business to GreenSteam, a majority owned company of BP.

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