Weathering the Storm: Hurricane Preparedness and Remediation

BMT delivers first podcast in new series targeting hurricane readiness strategies and solutions for offshore asset managers to consider before, during and after extreme weather events

10 March 2021


BMT Launches Podcast Series Targeting Hurricane Readiness for Offshore Assets

  • As the coronavirus pandemic and the market downturn pose additional challenges to oil and gas companies responding to the transnational threat, experienced consultant BMT unveils its vision to help its clients improve their business resilience with ‘data-driven scenario planning’ and overcome their worst-case scenarios when dealing with the impact of extreme weather on offshore production facilities in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • In this Q2, BMT will be launching a series of innovative articles and podcasts that offer some special insights and strategies around better preparedness and more efficient remediation of this issue. The new podcast, titled “Hurricane readiness: Pre-season preparations”, has just been released by PodBean this week. In this first episode, BMT's technical experts Gerardo Uribe and Jeffrey Lewis talk through the preparations and developments assets managers should undertake ahead of the tropical storm season, and the importance of having a bulletproof utility asset management response system to Hurricanes.

  • The series of topical articles and podcasts will culminate in a symposium on 20 May at the Energy Industries Council (EIC). In addition a white paper authored by our subject matter expert will be launched to our main stakeholders in offshore Oil and Gas in advance of the EIC event on 3 May.

As an established provider of instrumentation and monitoring products, data services and integrated environmental and engineering consulting, BMT is strongly positioned to help our clients overcome worst-case scenarios when dealing with the impact of extreme weather impacting offshore production in the Gulf of Mexico and across other Gulf facilities.

Our experienced Houston, Texas-based team utilizes a wealth of collective experience and diverse professional skills to provide effective and appropriate customized solutions across the global consultancy spectrum. We are committed to helping clients develop a strategy that satisfies their budgetary and risk-management goals. After experiencing Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria in 2017 and other extreme weather events that impacted Gulf Coast facilities, BMT employees worked hard in the days and weeks following the storms to help our affected clients across these offshore assets resume operations.

As a major supporter of hurricane preparedness for the industry, BMT will launch in this quarter a series of articles and podcasts to help the industry better understand environmental conditions and to provide assistance to operators and industrial partners in using that knowledge to make offshore and nearshore facilities less vulnerable. Another important aspect of the digital and podcast series that will launch this month is to communicate the need for greater collaboration between companies, governments, and other industries to create a much tighter network of people dedicated to better preparedness and more efficient remediation.

Another additional spotlight feature happening later this year on 20 May, is that BMT in conjunction with the EIC will be holding a landmark symposium with its subject matter expert Soma Maroju, and oil and gas officials, to review emergency plans, addressing the logistics of not only shallow water but also deepwater platforms, which demand additional considerations.

“Hurricanes are always a significant concern every season,” said Soma Maroju, the business unit manager of data services with BMT. “We see the potential for increased risk in the coming year.”

“As essential workers, our staff have been working throughout the pandemic, so they feel they’re ready,” Soma said. “Social distancing and mask wearing is an added response. In terms of market conditions, we don’t see that as an issue. Our highly experienced staff are going to do what they have to do to keep things running smoothly for our offshore production clients. The emergency response has not changed.”

As the hurricane season gets closer, owners of offshore assets and transports are keeping a wary eye on short- and long-term weather forecasts and reassessing their emergency preparedness plans. Each season brings with it the potential for major damage to nearshore and deepwater facilities in and around the Gulf of Mexico, and across other Gulf facilities. For example, during the peak of disruptions from several hurricanes and tropical storms in 2019-20, more than 20 percent of total U.S. refinery capacity was idled and 60 offshore platforms experienced disruption as a result of storm-related damage. This type of damage potential requires rigorous preparedness, damage assessment, and remediation plans. Of course, even after evacuation plans are assessed, the worst could happen: a facility could take serious damage from a tropical storm or hurricane.

As an experienced consulting services partner, BMT provides valuable assistance to operators and industrial partners to provide real-time platform information before and during storms, and post-event, to assess hurricane damage and support on the remediation process. Every day that passes without production costs a company money; however, Environmental and Safety Assessments (ESA) must be conducted before repair work can begin. By using BMT DEEP, coupled with its integrated instrumentation packages, the operational technology can add real value, and allows our customers to continue production beyond the scheduled end of the asset’s life. In addition, the integrated analysis approach offered by BMT allows significant cost savings to the operator in extreme operating conditions when shut-in decisions are marginal. With that said, a bulletproof mitigation methodology, sound remediation plan, and quick action are all necessary to protect the facility/critical infrastructure assets, and bring back to safe and efficient operational status again!

To register for the BMT/EIC virtual symposium that is going to be held on 20 May (time TBC), please contact BMT’s regional head of Marketing for the Americas Jason Davis at and/or global product lead Oliver Samuel at

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