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BMT presents on the future maritime workforce

On Tuesday 28 January, Phaedra Gibson, Head of Training Services, took to the stage to explain the impact that future technology will have on the workforce of the maritime industry.

30 January 2020

Defence and Security

BMT presents on the future maritime workforce

The conference was organised by IMarEST, MLA College and BAU Global and hosted by the International Maritime Organization at their London headquarters. Speakers covered a range of AI and technology-related topics that will soon influence the industry, including the impact of AI, autonomous systems, human augmentation and the growing cyber threat posed by greater connectivity.

As reported by Lloyds list, delegates heard that while the technical challenges of digital shipping are solvable in the short term, there are significant concerns about regulation, future skills training, liability and cost.

Regarding future skills, Phaedra said:

“A future filled with complex change is often perceived through a lens where technological advancement takes primacy. While there are many technological challenges to overcome in implementing these advances and they require much thought, it’s important to consider their impact on human competency and behaviour.
 The technology will fundamentally change roles, tasks and the skills needed in the maritime workforce. When we look at the complexity of AI, robotics, autonomous systems, augmented and optimised humans, all working in harmony together then there will no doubt be ethical and leadership challenges to address.
While these technologies are at different stages of maturity, the maritime community needs a long-term training strategy to optimise the workforce to be equipped with the skills needed for when this technology is implemented.”
We offer training services to help organisations adapt to rapid changes in technology. Our services draw on the expertise of training consultants, human factors experts, technologists and psychologists.

Phaedra Gibson has previously participated in a round table discussion on Human Machine Training at Royal Academy of Engineering, is a speaker at the IMarEST Conference in March and will present a paper on the topic of Human Machine Teaming at this year’s ITEC event 28-30 April.






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