Proudly sponsoring RN women's cricket

We are delighted to be supporting the Royal Navy women’s cricket team and providing opportunities for women in sport.

26 August 2019

Defence and Security Shipping - Technical Services

Proud sponsor of the Royal Navy women's cricket team

We are delighted to be supporting the Royal Navy women’s cricket team. We are proud to promote Royal Navy women to succeed and to be associated with the team’s efforts to raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities for women in sport.
Our sponsorship has involved a number of joint activities- of note was a development session held in collaboration with RN seniors and Sarah Kenny, CEO, and Anne Segall, HR Director, of BMT. Using their extensive knowledge of building high performing teams in the business environment, this aided the team to set goals and a development plan for the coming season. 
On their recent pre-season tour to Barbados, the team reinforced the messages of UK charity Opening Boundaries to spread the word on the importance of gender equality and creating equal opportunities for boys and girls. The team ran community coaching sessions as well as a host of other outreach programs. These opportunities provide a powerful platform to inspire and empower women and girls from all backgrounds. Using sport is a positive diversionary which can engage with people of all races, genders and classes to develop and better achieve their potential.
Our chief executive, Sarah Kenny, OBE commented,  “We are proud to be supporting the Royal Navy women’s cricket team and excited to work with them to promote diversity and inclusion and to help the women of the Royal Navy  succeed both on and off the pitch.”
The team has commented that the support from BMT helped them generate match-winning experience, grow the team numbers to increase competition, with the aim to tour again in coming years.
We look forward to working with Royal Navy cricket for the coming seasons and are excited to see the team develop and achieve their aspirations.

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