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BMT completes landmark environmental consultancy

5 June 2019

BMT completes landmark environmental consultancy

BMT completes 10-year environmental sustainability consultancy for Tung Wah Group of Hospitals - the oldest and largest charitable organisation in Hong Kong

BMT is pleased to announce that it has entered its final project milestone and approval of completion phase of a 10-year consultancy contract for the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (TWGHs). The environmental consultancy project, a novel ‘Go green’ programme, has been fully endorsed by the Hong Kong Government. BMT, in its lead role as environmental consultant, has provided strategic advice, planning and execution for 18 pilot projects, which included the installation of renewable energy devices, energy efficiency upgrades’ works, waste management facilities, green and cooperative funeral and education care across a breadth of public sector services.

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (TWGHs), which is a leading charitable organisation in Hong Kong with nearly 150 years of history serving the local Chinese community, offers unique holistic services throughout a human’s life cycle, from cradle to grave. The project funded by the Government’s Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) Committee, with an approved grant of $HK19million for the “Go Green” programme commenced in 2009 and has now entered its final project milestone and approval phase this year. BMT’s flagship, public sector-focused consultancy has helped to influence society at large to embrace a greener and more sustainable future for Hong Kong. In addition, the international consultancy’s involvement in this project has supported sector-focused, business environment reform, and value-creation across the public sector services.

The objectives of the Green NGO Programme are to pursue a total environmental concept into operation, corporate culture and communications in its medical, education and community services to staff, students, services recipients and business partners. As a pioneer among NGOs, the ‘Green NGO’ programme is also to promote environmentally friendly behaviour in Hong Kong, which in turn will lead to a higher-quality and sustainable living environment for this community and for future generations as well.

Ms. Claudine Lee, Associate Director at BMT Hong Kong commented:

“We are very pleased to have been involved with this innovative sustainability consultancy across the full spectrum of public sector services TWGHs is a renowned NGO with nearly 150 years of history serving the Hong Kong community and we are very proud to have collaborated with them to adopt and implement a green culture across so many diverse, different and interconnected services.”

“Our extensive consultancy experience in undertaking sustainability reporting and green building design projects for government departments and energy companies provides TWGHs with the necessary knowledge and expertise to manage the most effective and efficient green measures. The Completion of the TWGHs Green NGO Programme was endorsed by ECF Committee on 11 December 2018, however it is not the end of the green journey for TWGHs, who will continue to implement the strategic plans outlined in our report to build a more vibrant and sustainable future.” added Ms. Lee.

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