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Best of BMT - Supporting the Aasta Hansteen

An industry-leading solution for a world-leading spar platform

12 December 2019

Energy and Resources

Best of BMT - Supporting the Aasta Hansteen

Owned and operated by Norwegian multinational energy company Equinor ASA, the Aasta Hansteen is the world’s largest floating cylindrical spar platform and is taller than the Eiffel Tower. Moored to the seabed 300 kilometres west of Sandnessjøen, Norway in depths of up to 1,300m, it’s the deepest field development on the Norwegian Continental Shelf and the first to deploy highly robust Steel Catenary Risers (SCRs) that transport gas from the wellhead to the surface far above.

Because it’s installed at extreme depths and in a harsh environment, we were tasked with supplying our proven ‘Riser Monitoring System’ (RMS) - an industry-leading subsea integrity monitoring solution that tracks displacement around the riser’s “touchdown location” on the sea floor in three dimensions. It includes an innovative suite of strain, motion and position sensors deployed by remotely operated underwater vehicles to monitor the SCRs’ integrity, its responses in the touchdown zone and its interaction with the Spar’s FPSO pull tube.

The data collated by our unique monitoring system requires a great deal of intensive computation and is critical in validating the Spar and SCR designs and making them more efficient. By combining its rapid data processing and high-fidelity output with our proven analysis expertise, we were able to deliver a leading-edge integrity management solution that exemplifies our innovation in this field.

Not only have our efforts helped the Aasta Hansteen to precisely plan its maintenance activities, but we’ve also helped to significantly improve the potential to safely extend the useful life of this world-class spar platform, a feat of engineering.


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Photo credit: Roar Lindefjeld/Bo B

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