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Vibration Monitoring for Dragline Excavators

17 December 2019

Energy Mining and Machinery

Best of BMT - Good Vibrations

Dragline excavators are massive pieces of equipment that are an essential part of many surface mining operations. They’re incredibly valuable assets that require strict maintenance schedules and demand careful monitoring to ensure that every component is functioning safely and efficiently, as downtime and unexpected maintenance could potentially cost mine operators millions of dollars.

Unfortunately, the traditional methods of monitoring the conditions for these expensive pieces of machinery are far from efficient and require operations to shut down for several days so that technicians can meticulously test the excavators, take careful measurements and then analyse and report on them to diagnose any potential issues. The entire process is painstaking, time-consuming and incredibly costly.

But by exploiting and adapting a proven infrastructure that’s already in use for monitoring systems offshore, we developed a far more elegant solution. Our ground-breaking Vibration Monitoring system continuously measures vibration data from critical components on the excavator and allows operators and analysts to monitor, review and potentially forecast the performance of this vital mining asset with near real-time information.

Our innovative solution is the first of its kind to continuously measure and report this type of data, giving mine owners and operators a clear picture of what’s happening with their excavators by storing, managing, integrating, post processing and visualizing vast amounts of essential information much more quickly than traditional methods.

By giving our mining customers the ability to continuously monitor the condition of critical components on their dragline excavators, they gain the potential to reduce maintenance costs, improve the reliability of their operations, detect potential failures more easily and avoid costly down time.


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