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Cyber-crime data platform for the National Cyber Crime Unit (UK)

BMT supported the National Crime Agency (NCA) in the design, build and implementation of an enhanced cyber data platform which provides easier and more effective analysis of data by the National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU).

6 December 2018

Defence and Security

The NCCU leads the UK’s response to cybercrime, supports partners with specialist capabilities and coordinates the national response to the most serious of cybercrime threats. It also delivers a spectrum of data platforms and analysis tools to develop valuable insights and respond quickly to rapidly changing threats. With many systems currently in operation, this specific project saw the NCCU pull these systems into one single central data platform with the aim to improve data analysis tools and access to information by providing a clear, accurate and interactive solution.

BMT supported the NCCU in building this cyber data platform and analysis tools. We ensured the scalable deployment and integration of these technologies within Amazon Web Services to meet data velocity, data volume and query performance requirements. The new platform provided NCCU with the ability to:

  • Search
    A searchable platform for easier analysis and better sharing of existing data and intelligence information across NCCU and from industry partners;

  • Deliver Insight
    Deliver insights across multiple data sources to support decision making. The insights are delivered via a combination of different tools: connected graph analysis and visualisation, profile generation, charts and dashboards;

  • Manage Access
    Implementation of access and control measures to support binding to business, legal and security constraints;

  • Trace Provenance
    Enable end to end traceability of data and intelligence to identify provenance of information gathered;

  • Assist Data Transformation
    data normalisation and storage for proactive intelligence gathering.

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