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BMT WBM Wins Combined Flood Studies in Perth

BMT WBM announce its appointment by the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council.

16 March 2017

Water & Environment

BMT WBM, a subsidiary of BMT Group Ltd., is excited to announce that it has recently been appointed by the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council (EMRC) to undertake the hydraulic modelling and floodplain management study of the Swan and Helena Rivers in Perth. This project forms Stages Two and Three of the broader Swan and Helena Rivers Flood Study, and complements the Stage One hydrologic study recently completed by project partners Hydrology and Risk Consulting (HARC).

The BMT WBM team was selected for this high-profile study through a competitive tender process which has highlighted the team’s ability to deliver best practice technical methodology combined with innovative solutions for flood risk management and data visualisation.

The study is timely given the recent rains and flooding in Perth and involves the delivery of a fully calibrated hydraulic model of the lower Swan and Helena Rivers to better define and understand flood behaviour. Outputs of the modelling will inform the floodplain risk management process which seeks to identify the nature, scale and extent of the flood risk and identify appropriate measures to manage the flood risk now and into the future. The study presents unique challenges due to the combined flood risks from river and ocean flooding in an urban environment.

BMT WBM’s Cathie Barton is leading delivery of the project, which builds upon her 23 years’ experience in the delivery of flood studies and floodplain risk management studies, including the Brisbane River Catchment Flood Study (Hydraulics).

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