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BMT’s AgileLNG to Drive Down Costs for Off-grid Communities

BMT teamed with GL Engineering represents a new cost-effective containment option for marine apps

12 December 2017

Water and Environment

BMT’s AgileLNG to Drive Down Costs for Off-grid Communities

Floating modular infrastructure developed by BMT  could help to transform the lives of people in off-grid coastal communities by bringing reliable power and allowing the roll-out of cleaner fuels. Taking a ‘plug and play’ approach to small-scale LNG distribution, BMT’s AgileLNG floating storage regasification unit (FSRU), coupled with gas engine or turbine systems, pieces together off-the-shelf and prefabricated elements to drive down the cost of gas distribution and power delivery.

BMT’s Dr. Richard Colwill explains: “Historically, electricity has been delivered to isolated communities via diesel generator power sets, but growing concern about emissions and the availability of huge gas reserves worldwide makes it an increasingly attractive fuel choice. Whilst Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a feasible alternative, to deliver a viable solution we had to develop an LNG reception system that did not incur major diseconomies of scale in the 10-50MW power range, that would make small-scale LNG unaffordable.”

Moving away from typical steel construction, the barge hulls are built of concrete, making them much more durable in the hostile marine environment, permitting longer lifespans, and significantly less inspection and maintenance.  To turn the concept into reality, BMT  has teamed with GL Engineering, who bring their established concrete barge construction experience and LNG New Technologies whose LNT A-BOX® containment system represents a new cost-effective containment option for marine applications.  Offline fabrication of storage and systems coupled with significant prefabrication of the concrete hull and the use of standard off-the-shelf components, ensures the rapid delivery of the units – to a high quality.  Power systems can be barge based, or sited on land to suit local conditions.

Richard continues: “AgileLNG offers a reliable, entirely flexible, modular, gas and power delivery system that can be configured to suit individual sites – where gas, or gas+power is required.  The drive to keep it simple and adopt a ‘plug and play’ approach will allow rapid development of key urban support infrastructure assisting the development of communities across the Asia Pacific region.”

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