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BMT Launches its ’50 Vessels for $50k’ Fleet Performance Management Solution


30 May 2017

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BMT Launches its ’50 Vessels for $50k’ Fleet Performance Management Solution

BMT SMART (BMT), a subsidiary of BMT Group, has launched SMARTNOON, a new solution that can deliver higher resolution vessel performance data based on noon reports.

Taking a vessel’s noon report as a starting point, SMARTNOON adds metocean data, AIS information and BMT SMART’s unique analytics to provide ship owners and operators with valuable insights, without the need for on-board installations and additional sensors, or disruptive changes to established operating behaviours. 

Peter Mantel, Managing Director at BMT SMART: “We recognise that there are various motivations for vessel performance management. Whether it be centred around fuel efficiency, voyage performance or better reporting across the fleet, SMARTNOON   is the perfect first step in the digital revolution for ship owners and operators who may be looking to implement a fully automated fleetwide data collection system.”

The SMARTNOON application uses AIS data to provide a framework for noon report information that enables it to be modelled over the noon to noon period. This means that the metocean factors that contribute to overall vessel performance such as wind, waves and currents can be successfully incorporated into performance analysis using BMT SMART’s industry-leading SMARTFLEET product.

Peter continues: “By using existing ‘small data’, namely the traditional noon reporting process and aligning it with BMT SMART’s unique functionality, we can now bring top-tier performance analysis to new market segments, at near-automatic data logging system resolutions. Our focus is very much centred around outcomes – working closely with the customer to deliver valuable and tangible data insights that they can action. We are launching this product at a price of $50k for 50 vessels giving owners and operators the opportunity to explore the benefits of performance management at an extremely attractive price.”  

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