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BMT Extends Contract with Western Australia’s Department of Transport

The Western Australia’s DOT has extended it's contract with BMT for three more years.

11 September 2017

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BMT Extends Contract with Western Australia’s Department of Transport

BMT is set to continue its relationship with the Western Australia’s Department of Transport (DoT) in an extension contract which will see BMT provide program management support for a further three years.

Following a positive review of BMT’s performance, the DoT has extended the contract and BMT looks forward to continuing to work with DoT on the successful delivery of the maintenance dredging program and meeting the needs of waterway users.

BMT will continue to provide a range of project and environmental management services for the DoT to help deliver its dredging program for facilities covering over 12,000km of Western Australia’s coastline. These services will range from the early stage review of hydrographic survey data to help assess the maintenance dredging requirements, environmental approval processes right through to managing the project execution and site supervision.

Tim Green, Director at BMT JFA Consultants Pty explains: "We are delighted to continue our work with the DoT – a relationship that spans almost 20 years. It’s clear from the longevity of the relationship that we’re delivering a comprehensive service that allows the DoT to deliver an effective dredging program."

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