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BMT Launches P3M Health Checks


P3M Health Checks 2BMT Hi-Q Sigma Ltd (BMT), a subsidiary of BMT Group, has launched a comprehensive suite of online health checks which provide a quick, objective and independent assessment of an organisation’s project performance.

Simon Gould, Managing Director at BMT Hi-Q Sigma explains: “The cost of correcting a problem later in the project lifecycle is much greater than preventing it early on. To ensure projects stay on track, and risks and budgets are being managed effectively, it is essential for clients to feel confident that their project management processes are as efficient and effective as possible. Our health checks provide a snapshot of the project or programme status in three key areas to identify what is going well and which areas need improvement.”

P3M Health Checks 3BMT’s P3M health checks provide a high level, quality and maturity assessment of Schedule, Performance and Risk Management controls. Quick and easy to complete online, organisations can identify and resolve issues and non-compliance in a cost effective way. The lessons learned can then be applied to future projects, improving the quality of project control processes to realise sustainable benefits.

P3M Health Checks 4With extensive combined experience in programme management and systems engineering, BMT helps to bring about organisational transformation and deliver business success. Working across Government, Defence, Energy and Transport industries, the BMT team can provide clear recommendations to help clients put plans in place and improve controls and management of projects and programmes. This in turn enables organisations to maximise efficiency and increase the opportunity for success.

Demonstrations of the health checks will be available at the APM Programme Management SIG Annual Conference taking place in London later this week. The next six months will also see BMT develop additional health checks to further enhance the suite.

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