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BMT supports Pearl River Delta power utility in achieving award winning standards for corporate reporting


BMT Asia Pacific Ltd, a subsidiary of BMT Group, the leading international design, engineering and risk management consultancy has completed the first sustainability strategy and management framework assessment for Guangzhou Development Industry Holding Co. Ltd (GDIH) a major power company in the Pearl River Delta region of China. The project saw BMT Asia Pacific engaged by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to assist GDIH, as part of its investment engagement,

BMT Asia Pacific used its knowledge and experience in sustainability management to introduce the objectives of corporate sustainability reporting, assess the current Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) against good practise and provide coaching to help GDIH develop its first in-house Sustainability Report.

GDIH comments: "BMT understands our company culture and provided us with valuable knowledge and insight into requirements and value of sustainability management. Throughout the report preparation process BMT's team clearly guided us and highlighted areas for future improvement which has been invaluable to us as a business."

As well as introducing the role of corporate sustainability reporting in an integrated corporate sustainability strategy and management framework, the project included the development of GDIH's first bilingual Sustainability Report and the assessment of existing practices of industrial hazard risk management against local and international good practice. Areas of improvement were then identified and recommendations on how to move forward were highlighted.

Richard Colwill, Managing Director at BMT Asia Pacific explains: "To enhance stakeholder engagement and transparency, large corporations are moving to publish Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports to effectively communicate their achievements and performance in key environmental, social and economic aspects. Our expertise in developing Sustainability Reports in accordance with internationally recognised standards and guidelines has benefited many public and private sector clients in Hong Kong and we were delighted to be able to support GDIH's future business strategy. What was unique was our approach, where instead of developing the Sustainability Report for our client, we provided a coaching service and developed a robust framework which allowed GDIH to produce the Report themselves."

BMT's support in this project has led to GDIH's very first Sustainability Report being awarded 'The Best CSR Report in the Electricity and Gas Industry' in a recent CSR Report rating performed by the third-party CSR rating organisation, Rankins CSR Ratings (RKS) in China.

Guangzhou Development Industry Holding Co. Ltd (GDIH)

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