Welcome to our first issue of Focus in 2012.
Despite the economic pressures to which many of our markets have been subjected, BMT has continued to prosper. This I attribute in large measure to our diversification and our long held commitment to R&D, which has helped us to retain our cutting edge and ensure we remain a place where truly exceptional people choose to work.

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Peter French

Peter French -
Chief Executive
True Collaboration

True Collaboration:

Professor Ajit Shenoi introduces
a ground-breaking collaboration
between the University of
Southampton and Lloyd's Register

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Future Life at Sea

Future Life at Sea:

BMT Nigel Gee's avant-garde vision which breaks the traditional naval architecture mould

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The Return of Adventure

The Return of Adventure:

We take a closer look at Virgin Oceanic, the latest venture of Chris Welsh and Sir Richard Branson, which will see them journey to Earth's deepest oceans in a flying submarine

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The Final Frontier

The Final Frontier:

The University of Washington's Professor of Oceanography, John Delaney, explains why traditional techniques are no longer sufficient for ocean exploration

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Graham Hawkes

Graham Hawkes:

"Innovation.." doesn't mean inventing things'. A rare interview with the world's foremost submarine designer

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Autonomy is Key

Autonomy is Key:

BP's Senior Advisor, David Brookes, reveals the growing role of robotic systems and why autonomous vehicles will be the technology of the future

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Bringing Ideas to Life

Bringing Ideas
to Life:

Professor Minoo Patel explains the pitfalls of innovation and why a 'culture of ideas' is key

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The Radical Approach

The Radical

Materials Scientist Professor Mark Miodownik highlights the latest developments in the world of materials, from 3D printing to energy harvesting technologies

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Future Cities

Future Cities:

What will the city of the future look like in 10 years? Del Redvers highlights the opportunities and challenges

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BMT News

BMT News:

Latest news from around the globe

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