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We support the international shipping industry, underwriters and the legal profession, with cost-effective, value-adding information and expert opinion from recognised specialists.

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Our services are designed to help you through our coverage of regions and specialisms, through the quality and credibility of our people and reports, through making ourselves easy to deal with and our willingness to share knowledge.

Who you need, when and where you need them.

We are not generalists, the services we provide require a high degree of specialist knowledge.

We are, however, big enough to have specialists in all major survey categories.

In addition to our own office in the main centres of shipping, our global network of some 500+ surveyors in 250+ ports worldwide means we offer 24/7 availability to get the right specialist in the right place at the right time.

Because credibility is key.

The quality of our people, our advice and reports is widely recognised. Our published articles, manuals and guidelines have become the industry benchmark for many types of risk and categories of cargoes, with the authors being relied on as the experts in their field. Our credibility is enhanced by the fact that we work to the same loss-prevention agenda as insurers and insured, and is underpinned by our independence from external shareholders.

Sharing intelligence.

As well as keeping our network of surveyors up to date through knowledge sharing, we set out to share our knowledge with our customers and our industry. We share market knowledge and trends to assist our customers in making their businesses more resilient. We share our expertise too, both through industry leading publications and guidelines such as or The Container Handbook and through the many seminars and workshops we run.



Our surveyors

This section gives an overview of all of our global surveyors. Please select from disciplines or locations to filter your results.

H&M / technical surveys

We cover a wide range of disciplines, from naval architecture to marine engineering, to survey and advise on issues from fuel disputes to cargo damage, from litigation to claims, from vessels to rolling stock. With our team of qualified engineers and naval architects, we cover the world’s major ports.

Marine Casualty Investigation

We investigate and advise on many aspects of marine casualties, from collisions to personal injury and pollution.


We provide highly credible, independent advice to disputes and litigation through our expert witness and forensic analysis work.

Cargo consultancy

We not only offer strong geographic coverage: we provide expertise on a wide range of cargo types.

Fire investigation

Our fire investigators are IAAI certified. IAAI stands for the U.S. International Association of Fire Investigators and provides the world’s highest standard in fire investigation techniques.

Wreck removal and salvage consultancy

Salvage and wreck removal are highly specialised tasks. Our dedicated team includes salvage masters from the Dutch salvage industry with Lloyds SCR (Special Casualty Representative) accreditation.

Audits and inspections

We conduct many types of audit, inspection and certification to promote safety and operational efficiency.

Yacht surveys

As yachts become ever larger and more complex, offering credible advice to the international yacht and insurance market demands more than a worldwide network: it demands strong technical insight into the nature and performance of these vessels.


We offer Port & Ship Familiarisation and Tanker, Terminal and Liquid Cargo courses.

Global surveyor network

Each of the 500+ surveyors in our global network are subject to our internal assessment and approval procedures.


The results of our surveys, investigations and audits are understandably confidential. What we can and do share, however, are the results of our own independent research.

Terms of business

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