Influencing the future direction of ship design

Ship design is at the very heart of what we do, and our global teams continue to drive innovation across the industry.

25 June 2021

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Influencing the future direction of ship design

Over the past twelve months, our vessel designs have received multiple awards across a variety of markets. As an example, our passenger ferry design ‘MV Alfred’ was awarded ‘Ship of the Year’ by Cruise & Ferry Review. This 85m Ro-Pax catamaran was built by Strategic Marine in Vietnam for Pentland Ferries in the UK; it is the greenest ferry of its kind, using 60% less fuel than similar vessels. This kind of innovation supports the global journey to greener transportation, and we’re excited to play our part.

Naval Support

As you read this publication, I hope that you will gain an understanding of not only the diversity of our offering, but also how we are shaping and influencing the direction of the industry. We are providing support to navies across the world as they look to develop their capabilities both above and below the water. The trust that our naval customers put in us demonstrates the pedigree of our vessel designs. At present, in the United States, we have been contracted to study and develop designs for future US Navy vessels, and also have designs in production for the Royal Navy.

Climate Resilience

As the importance of climate change and its impacts are understood, the consequences will be felt by us all. We are already seeing the market demanding emissions reduction as the global shipping industry adapts to meet future regulations. Over the next 30 years we expect innovation to accelerate and for enablers such as autonomous technologies to be increasingly adopted, allowing the global shipping industry to reduce its environmental impact, also becoming more efficient and cost-effective.

Autonomous Ships

To complement our ship design offer and the move towards autonomous vessels we are supporting the development of maritime autonomous systems collision avoidance regulations, and our ship simulator REMBRANDT is at the cutting edge of autonomous navigation.

Future of Superyachts

One of the market sectors where we see significant innovation is the superyacht industry, which BMT serves under the Lateral Naval Architects brand; our partnership with the Dutch shipyard Oceanco puts us at the forefront of this sector. With owners demanding ever higher specifications, this in turn drives innovation in design; the use of novel fuels, such as hydrogen and wind, is just one example of this.

It is impossible to cover all the exciting projects that we are involved with at BMT in this one issue, but we hope that it gives you a taste of how we are influencing the future direction of the ship design market.

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About the Author

Ben Dunscombe

Campaign Manager, Ship Design, BMT

Ben Dunscombe

Campaign Manager, Ship Design, BMT

Ben has worked in the marine industry for over 20 years and is a Chartered Engineer.  During this time he has worked with many of the global shipbuilding primes during the bid, delivery and aftermarket phases of the vessel lifecycle.
Ben joined BMT in 2018 and now takes responsibility for the global ship design campaign which looks to align BMTs offering with our customers needs across the defence and commercial ship design segments.

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