White Paper: Are Adaptive Learning Technologies the Future of Defence Learning?

Can military learning be improved through the application of Adaptive Learning Technologies?

Adaptive learning or Adaptive Learning Technologies (ALT) is an educational method which use computer algorithms as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to tailor learning activities to address the unique needs of each learner. As more and more people move to flexible and home working we have seen a surge in online training services:

  • Could ALTs provide a way to ensure the personal touch?
  • Could ALTs help meet the balance between flexible on demand training and the unparalleled effectiveness of direct human to human learning?

The use of ALTs to support learning is growing widely across educational and commercial sectors, however, the evidence base for its use in a comparative organisation to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) is not yet robust enough to justify investment across the full learning ecosystem.

Application in other military contexts has also proven to be challenging, in part due to a cultural reluctance to embrace novel technology in place of traditional instructional methodologies.

In this White Paper, Andrew Chambers and Thomas Blackledge examine the potential application of ALT within the UK military learning ecosystem.

Andy comments, "ALTs can be an extremely powerful tool in performance enhancement by providing a more personalised learning journey, honing the learning offer to employees, and without many of the traditionally associated resources."

Tom adds, "ALTs provide the client with the ability for each student to progress at an individual rate most appropriate. This minimises “catch up” time in training, potentially accelerating time to SQEP."

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