It is who we are and what we do

Innovation is the common thread running through our company

Development and delivery of our products is a direct result of planned innovation processes that operate globally. Our key focus is always to address our customers’ most challenging problems with innovative solutions – that is just what we do at BMT!

We have been recognised as one of 2020's most innovative companies!

We have successfully placed on the 2020 Most Innovative Companies List, thanks to our world-class flood modelling software, TUFLOW! This amazing solution sets the industry standard and has reshaped the global landscape of flood and hydraulic modelling.

We are proud to be rewarded for our commitment to innovation!

We are honoured to have been recognised as a leading innovator across Australia and New Zealand. The prestigious annual list, is based on a rigorous assessment process managed by leading innovation consultancy, Inventium, in conjunction with a panel of industry expert judges.

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TUFLOW saves lives and helps protect communities

TUFLOW 2020 equips engineers, planners and emergency services with a world-leading tool to better manage flood risks. This latest release includes major upgrades and enhancements that allow our customers to execute their flood simulations much faster, and with more accuracy than ever before. This improves their ability to plan for and manage flood events.

Inability to effectively map flood scenarios puts communities at risk and results in costly project delays. We have spent years listening to our customers and working with them to develop a solution that has revolutionised the industry.

We are drawing on gaming technology to save lives.

Using a computer’s Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) card, we can run multiple flood scenarios faster than ever before. Because of this, we have seen speed increases of up to 400 times – think using dial-up vs 5G.

This dramatic increase improves our customers' ability to plan for and manage flood events and has reshaped the global landscape of flood and hydraulic modelling.

The Power of Quadtree

TUFLOW 2020 offers targeted modelling using pioneering technology that makes our solution so unique.

Our algorithms make the process of flood modelling more efficient by allowing for model detail to be added only where you need it.

We have enabled simulations that were previously impossible, to become completely accessible. We are so far ahead of anyone else because of our latest upgrades.

Sub-Grid Sampling

You can now better define and calculate water levels, allowing you to see things more clearly. This is because of the way we can use highly-detailed topography data (mountains, hills, roads, creeks, and other bumps and lumps on a particular hunk of earth) in our flood and water level simulations.

This makes TUFLOW 2020's predictions more accurate and reflective of on-ground conditions. We can see more detail without having to drastically increase the amount of modelling.

Innovative Products

At BMT we bring some of the greatest minds in industry together to create an environment that will drive the innovations of tomorrow. We ensure that our people have the freedom to think without limits.

We have a record of innovation, ranging from the design of the Royal Navy’s Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carrier to the Australian-developed TUFLOW 2020 flood modelling software. This comes from a passion to achieve the best.

By identifying solutions and new ways of solving our customers' most challenging problems we have reshaped the industry.


BMT REMBRANDT (Real Time Manoeuvring Berthing And Training) is our industry-leading ship simulator, helping users to safely plan, train and prepare for complex manoeuvres at sea or in port. Its detailed and realistic simulations are also used by national statutory safety authorities to accurately reconstruct accidents and cause.

It is a Windows based, 3D time domain, navigation and seakeeping ship simulation software application that can be fully scalable.

CAIMEN® Landing Craft family

Flexible and affordable, the BMT CAIMEN® Landing Craft family provides customisable solutions that can be adapted to suit the requirements of military, security and humanitarian forces worldwide.

Our innovative design allows the CAIMEN® Landing Craft to operate at high speeds with heavy payloads, allowing faster amphibious offload.

BMT Deep

BMT Deep is the result of over 20 years' practical in-field experience in the marine and offshore environment. It is an interactive asset data portal that draws on machine learning and artificial intelligence based analytics to provide real-time decision making capability and maximise the data value.

Training courses

We offer a number of industry-specific training courses, where we share our extensive experience and knowledge with the aim of supporting your learning and development needs.

Our digital training solution allows our industry stakeholders to collectively share their diverse experiences and skills via a secure, digital, game-based/simulation learning platform.

Discrete Event Simulation

Our powerful Discrete Event Simulation modelling allows testing of multiple scenarios within systems, processes, and operations. It assists with managing maritime assets in a cost effective way.

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Innovation is not just a catchphrase at BMT. It is a deliberate – and successful – strategy.

Rob Teasdale

BMT Global Business Director