Our comprehensive suite of optimisation solutions provides tools to help you monitor key performance information and make changes dynamically, giving you feedback on your actions.

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SMART FLEET, our principal shore-side analytics platform, provides tools to help you monitor performance data and make changes dynamically, giving you feedback on your actions.

SMART FLEET incorporates a highly visual system of traffic light and dial displays to provide stakeholders with a consolidated view of their vessel. This presents the data in a way that best suits them and can be tailored to specified access levels of users. 

As well as the ability to analyse the data gathered from the vessel, SMART FLEET offers a variety of key performance indicators to aid even non-technical users in understanding the performance of various elements of each ship in their fleet.

Fuel / power KPIs

tracks fuel consumption and shaft power against vessel speed to highlight overall vessel efficiency as well as monitoring the effectiveness of maintenance events and predict future maintenance requirements. 

Hull optimisation

uses measurements from shaft RPM and vessel speed to indicate hull performance. 

Propeller optimisation

uses shaft RPM and shaft power measurements to monitor propeller efficiency.

Engine optimisation

measures the vessel’s Specific Fuel Oil Consumption (SFOC) and uses the SFOC coefficient to determine the efficiency of each main or auxiliary engine. 

Flexible data importer

SMART FLEET comes with a flexible data importer that allows us to import data from a variety of sources, including noon reports and customer automated data loggers as well as our own data collection system SMART VESSEL. This allows shipping companies to combine the data across their fleet into a unified platform to monitor and optimise performance resulting in investments in automated data collection being allocated to newer vessels whilst older ships can be monitored based on the traditional noon reports.


Trim optimisation

Using the vessel's departure trim and trim optimisation tables, the optimum trim over the voyage can be monitored against the actual.

Voyage Optimisation

Monitor crew performance against expected speed and consumption as well as minimising voyage cost based on load condition, route and required arrival times.