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Metocean data

A fundamental factor in assessing the performance of a ship is the weather it encounters during a voyage.

Weather observations from the vessel are often inaccurately recorded and rarely represent the changing weather conditions over the period.

To overcome these issues, Metocean data is collected for GPS positions every 5 minutes during a voyage. In addition to the hindcast weather data, forecast data is also provided at hourly increments along the planned route to assist with voyage planning.

The Metocean data used has 35 separate categories ranging from ice fraction to significant wave height. Forecast data is updated every 6 hours with a 1 hour resolution, whilst the hindcast data is imported at the same time as the data collected from the ship. The weather models use a grid with a spatial resolution of 0.04 degree to 0.1 degree depending on the location. This allows for 100 data points to be evaluated in a 100 x 100km grid at the lower resolution and 625 points in the high resolution model.

All of the Metocean data is accessible through SMART FLEET and is used to remove operating conditions which will have had an adverse effect on the ship's performance. The Metocean data is directly coupled with the measured data from the vessel so that the true performance of the ship can be evaluated.