3D visualisation - matterport camera

We use different, innovative research methods such as 3D visualisation and photography or CT scans to make the invisible visible...without destructive examination.

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3D photography, as well as CT scans, come into operation primarily during fire investigations cases:

3D Photography (Matterport)

Documenting a fire scene requires precise, on-the-spot mapping of the available evidence. Our 3D laser scan camera (Matterport) helps to document fire investigation scenes more comprehensively than traditional tools and provides a more complete snapshot of the fire scene. Laser scanning supports a highly accurate, systematic approach and improves workflow efficiency, from gathering evidence on the spot to post-processing and presentation in court for forensic investigation.

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CT Scan

Fire investigation includes both field and laboratory work to determine the cause of the fire. By using the CT scan, we can create images that distinguish between organic and inorganic substances or identify damage-causing defects, making it easier to pinpoint the cause of the fire.

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