Marine incidents

Our experience as the chosen surveyor for many high-profile casualty cases has given an invaluable experience in navigating the complex issues and many parties involved.

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Marine incidents

We have a 100-year heritage in marine incident investigation, giving us access to a vast resource of casualty data. Our role today remains to determine the cause and extent of damage, to collect evidence and to provide expert advice to ship owners, operators, cargo interests, underwriters and their legal teams. We are able to provide that support worldwide, 24/7.

From external casualties such as grounding, flooding or even capsize, a collision, a major shift of cargo or collapse of a container stow to cargoes themselves causing the casualty, we have specialists in each field. Our surveyors are not just experts in their field, the complex nature of these investigations requires them to be detective, negotiator, communicator, organiser and diplomat. In fulfilling these roles, our surveyors are supported by an efficient, effective back office and sophisticated software tools to calculate, visualise or simulate incidents to support the investigation.
Our services include:

• On-site attendance
• Emergency response
• Salvage consultancy
• Collecting and safeguarding evidence
• Investigations into cause(s)
• Loss assessment
• Assistance to crew
• Detailed analyses of data and records
• Advanced calculations
• Litigation support
• Simulation and reconstruction