The results of our surveys, investigations and audits are understandably confidential. What we can and do share, however, are the results of our own independent research.

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Whether guidance notes, news, best-practice handbooks or courses, we make this research feely available. You can access these insights here.


BMT research

Cargo handbook is the world's largest database on transportation of cargoes in the marine industry set up by BMT. This website is aimed at providing a platform acceptable for everyone to provide and share the best knowledge available on cargo transportation, thereby hoping to contribute to awareness and prevention of loss.

This website provides information on over 800 commodities with emphasis on those characteristics which may be relevant during overseas transportation. The guidelines are general in nature and the amount of information largely depends on availability and level of transport-related research done.

Visit the CargoHandbook website to find out more.

Training courses

BMT offers a number of courses specifically targetted at the marine surveys market, with particular experience shared on 'Port and Ship Familiarisation, 'Tanker, Terminal and Liquid Cargo' and 'Liquified Natural Gas & Liquified Petroleum Gas'.

If you wish to read more, please visit our course library here.

If you would like to talk to a member of our team, please contact Sandra Rijke for more information.



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