Heavy lift and project cargo

Heavy lift shipping is a very particular trade, often involving the sea transportation of extremely heavy and voluminous loads, requiring special care and preparation. Our specialists understand the specific challenges of these high-value cargoes and the challenges they present.

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Heavy lift and project cargo

Typical heavy lift and project cargoes are reactors and pressure vessels for refineries and petrochemical plants, components for power generation and distribution, such as boilers, turbines, generators, transformers, etc. Apart from the heavy lifts, the construction of plants requires the transportation of large quantities of project (related) cargoes as break bulk; i.e. boxes, crates, unpacked and skid-mounted units.

Further, typical heavy lift cargoes not related to plant construction projects are rolling stock, such as locomotives, railway equipment, bulldozers, cranes and floating equipment such as dredgers, barges and yachts.

The loads carried are often valuable items, which are crucial to large plants under construction. Meeting project schedules is an important factor, but more important is the cargo arriving in an undamaged condition.

As the nature and the composition of the cargo is more or less unique for each voyage, operational planning and co-ordination requires strict attention to ensure a proper execution of the work.

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