Our range of proven ferry designs covers the full spectrum of operational requirements: for ultra-low wash inner city passenger vessels to larger Ro-Pax design

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John Bonafoux

Business Development Director

Southampton, United Kingdom

+44 (0)23 8022 6655 shipdesign.cs@bmtglobal.com


BMT has developed a comprehensive range of both passenger only and passenger & car (ROPAX) ferry designs ranging from small water taxi vessels and commuter ferries to open water transit vessels and ocean going craft including both medium speed and high speed variants. The company has particular expertise in low wake wash environmentally friendly vessels and has recently completed a comprehensive study into the use of hybrid propulsion systems.

BMT has a reputation for being able to provide innovative designs to meet challenging technical requirements with a detailed knowledge of all types of hull forms including a substantial portfolio of proven monohull and catamaran hull forms.


BMT has an ever expanding range of proven vessel designs with the portfolio including vessels ranging in size from 9m to 220m in length and speeds up to 70 knots.


Technical Papers

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Ocean Transits in a 50m, 45 Knot Catamaran

Rough Seas and Small Passenger Ferries