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The origin of many of our concept designs come from blue-sky thinking, however, to be valuable, innovation needs to be grounded

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Design philosophy

Fresh thinking can mean taking a risk- rather than rule-based approach to design to avoid design encumbered with redundant, heavy or expensive features. Here you can read some of the beliefs that inform our approach.

Design is a listening activity.

We guide our customers through the design process. We listen carefully to understand their real needs then use the design process to reveal options and spell out the implications for cost or for maintenance or crew training.

Simplicity is key.

‘The designer achieves perfection,’ it is said, ‘not when there is nothing more to add to the design but when there is nothing left to take away.’ We agree. The simpler the design, the lower the cost, the greater the reliability and the better the operability. We believe in continually stepping back during the design process to see how and where we can simply the design.

Concepts don’t go wrong: execution does.

In design, technical abilities are every bit as important as creative ones. The project managers in our design teams all have a strong technical bias. Bringing together disciplines from concept design to detailed production engineering not only maintains the coherence and intent of our designs, it also makes for an efficient build within a chosen yard’s capability.


BMT delivers a one stop solution to the customer with a close knit team of highly qualified and experienced naval architects, designers, engineers and project managers with an in depth knowledge across all relevant vessel design disciplines.



Evolution over Revolution?

Technical Papers

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