Realistic testing in a safe environment

Being able to accurately simulate the navigation of vessels is a vital when considering port feasibility and evaluating design options.

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Navigation Consultancy & Training

Our real time ship-handling and manoeuvring simulator, REMBRANDT, is used by pilots, ship operators, naval architects and port authorities to enable effective training, and to evaluate harbour layouts at the planning stage. The system has a wide range of high fidelity ship models which can interact with varied environmental conditions and tugs to produce realistic vessel behaviour.

Assessment of port layout, channel width and depth, turning circle dimensions:

A typical navigation study will involve:

Scalable Installations

Starting with a straightforward desktop or laptop PC with two monitors where space is at a premium or portability is required, BMT can supply you with an easy to use economic solution that is perfectly suited to the training or office environment where the full immersive atmosphere of a full mission bridge is not required. Our mini-bridge is the prefect option where a compromise between desktop and full bridge is needed. The mini-bridge is ideal for a more extensive semi-permanent installation, with greater emphasis on visuals and information displays, yet where space and costs are still a limiting factor. For a permanent full mission bridge simulator BMT’s REMBRANDT suite of modular software is the ideal solution, where the requirement is for an installation that will satisfy the requirements of a fully Type Approved system certified by DNV to Class A standards.