Mooring Analysis

Mooring Analysis

The dynamics of ships within different, often non-linear, mooring systems need to be fully analysed to safeguard the vessels and their operations when berthed.

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With their extensive knowledge of different mooring systems, the team at BMT Ship & Coastal Dynamics can quickly identify the right analysis tool for predicting the motions and loads for any given berth. They combine practical knowledge with a thorough understanding of the physics behind each model to identify optimum operability and feasibility.

Each berth has particular challenges. These range from long-wave resonance problems to optimising the available mooring and passing ship criteria. Before beginning the analysis BMT first maps out a terminal’s requirements and boundary conditions. A numerical analysis of the ship’s behaviour identifies any limiting conditions, pinpointing and assessing the weakest link.

Detailed numerical modelling has supported:

In addition to providing information to support economic feasibility decisions, BMT can also enhance layout optimisation by suggesting more attractive mooring alternatives and terminal improvements.

The models we use in port and terminal planning and design, and for analysing areas of failure, include:

These models are easily linked with our metocean services for any location in the world.