Seismic surveys

Determining the location and size of possible oil and gas reservoirs through seismic surveys is crucial in identifying investment risks and opportunities.

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Seismic surveys

We use our data and knowledge of the offshore environment to help you plan and optimise your survey, reducing costs through unnecessary downtime or infill and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.


Metocean optimisation of seismic survey operations

Our experts support the accuracy and efficiency of such surveys by deploying BMT’s extensive metocean database, which is built on over 25-years of hindcast modelling. This, combined with our knowledge and experience of working in the marine environment, supports the accuracy, efficiency and value of our customers’ seismic survey operations.

Environmental permitting and underwater noise assessments

Our experts can help you assess the requirements for environmental permitting at your survey location.  Assessment of underwater noise and modelling studies can help with the planning of seismic operations.