Pipeline Integrity Assessment

We have developed advanced analysis techniques to assess pipeline integrity for a wide range of anomalies, in any environment.

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Aaron Dinovitzer

Vice President – Capability & Strategy Manager – Asset Performance Services


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Optimal inspection intervals for maximum cost savings

BMT has developed advanced analysis techniques to assess pipeline integrity for a wide range of anomalies including pipe wall deformations such as dents and wrinkles. Fatigue, corrosion and environmentally-assisted cracking damage accumulation are considered with ILI data to establish optimal re-test/re-inspection intervals.

Geohazard Strain-Based Assessments and Analysis

BMT provides conventional and advanced 3D continuum pipeline (pipe-soil interaction) modelling and expertise to deliver value in design, integrity assessment and remedial action development. The effects of non-typical surface loading and geotechnical hazards including slope movement, faulting or other ground movement are assessed and forecasted while considering soil type, pipe geometry, alignment and material properties of the pipeline.

Capabilities include:

  • Pipeline Response to Slope Movement and Ground Subsidence
  • Strain Based Design
  • Buckle/Wrinkle Assessment
  • Dent/Mechanical Damage Assessment
  • Girth Weld and Long Seam Crack Assessment
  • Corrosion Assessment
  • Environmentally-assisted and Fatigue Cracking Assessment
  • Pressure Test Evaluation
  • Engineering Critical Assessment
  • Fitness-for-Service
  • Failure Assessment
  • Fatigue Life Prediction
  • Test Interval Definition
  • Forensic Investigation
  • Rail and Road Crossing Assessment
  • River Crossing and Flood Assessment
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics and Vortex Induced Vibration
  • Field Instrumentation and Assessment