Integrity monitoring and advisory

Integrity management is essential for determining whether assets are operating as designed, reducing potential downtime and minimizing risk.

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Integrity monitoring and advisory

By taking a more holistic approach to monitoring the environment and the structural response, BMT integrated systems provide a complete understanding of an asset’s long-term integrity and operational decision making.

With over 20 years’ experience in the design, procurement, integration and installation of monitoring systems worldwide on over 120 facilities and vessels we are strongly positioned to provide customers in the oil and gas industry with Marine Integrity Monitoring and Advisory Systems.

Combining the latest technology with our offshore experience, coupled with our knowledge and understanding of applicable industry standards, rules and regulations, our customized monitoring systems are utilized world-wide on FPSOs, Semi-Submersibles, Spars, TLPs, SPM buoys and fixed platforms. We can customize an integrated system to meet your specific needs.  Data may be collated to assist with field development and is a key input to forecasting the performance of the asset using our innovative cloud-based data analytics platform BMT Deep.


Integrated marine monitoring systems (IMMS)

We help you reduce risk and potential downtime by monitoring your assets constantly and effectively.

Platform performance and environmental conditions, such as wind speed, current profiles, air gap, and wave height can be simultaneously monitored in real time using our IMMS. Our systems are found on a wide range of floating offshore oil facilities and subsea risers, including tension leg platforms, spars and subsea risers (steel catenary and free-standing).

We implement and maintain management systems compliant with internationally recognized standards covering quality, health and safety and environmental management. BMT is certified in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001.


Independent remote monitoring system (IRMS)

The Independent Remote Monitoring System (IRMS) allows operators to maintain remote communications with their floating assets and receive key environmental and performance data in real-time during an evacuation, independent of the assets power supply and communication system.

Our Independent Remote Monitoring System provides operators with key environmental and dynamic performance data in real time along with video and still image capture of actual conditions offshore for effective decision making. Originally designed for monitoring abandoned platforms during severe weather conditions in the Gulf of Mexico to provide an early assessment of post-evacuation platform conditions for expedited re-boarding, the IRMS can be utilised to monitor any vessel whether cold stacked or operational.


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Helideck Monitoring System (HMS)

Helideck monitoring systems (HMS)

Hull Response Monitoring System

Hull response monitoring system (HRMS)

BMT has a long history of supplying hull structural and motions monitoring systems stretching over 30 years and brings a unique combination of experience in providing permanent marine monitoring and advisory systems for offshore facilities.

Tendon tension monitoring systems (TTMS)

Tendon Tension Monitoring Systems monitor tendon health and platform weight distribution in both Installation and Operation Mode. BMT provides two types of TTMS: porch-based systems and in-line systems.

Top-tensioned riser monitoring systems (TTRMS)

Maintenance of the correct top tension ratio in vertical risers is essential for safe operations. BMT provides a system for directly monitoring tension in top-tensioned risers that is without parallel in the industry.

Hybrid riser tower monitoring system (HRTMS)

Bundled hybrid risers are multiple risers supported by a central core pipe, offset from the FPSO. BMT offers a comprehensive system for monitoring the integrity of bundled hybrid risers.

Riser integrity monitoring systems

The need for riser integrity monitoring has accelerated in recent years as operators strive to better understand structural issues and potential risks associated with riser systems in increasing water depths and hostile environments.  

BMT provide monitoring systems for many types of risers and flowlines, including: Buoyancy Supported Risers (BSRs), Steel Catenary Risers (SCRs), Steel Lazy Wave Riser (SLWR), Single Line Offset Risers (SLORs), Free-Standing Hybrid Risers (FSHRs), Multi-Bore Hybrid Risers (MHRs) and Oil-Offloading Lines (OOLs).

Anchor leg / load monitoring systems (ALLMS)

BMT’s Anchor Leg/Load Mooring systems provide valuable information for safe operations, forensic engineering and the validation of design codes for floating moored structures, particularly when mooring line tension is collected simultaneously with metocean parameters on a common time base via an IMMS.

Torpedo stake monitoring

BMT’s experts developed a torpedo pile anchoring system technique in collaboration with PETROBRAS to accurately monitor and implement motion and final position measurement. Our innovative Torpedo Stake Monitoring System supports customers throughout the Offshore Oil and Gas market.

Single point mooring telemetry and control systems (SPM-TCS)

BMT provides customers with the real time operational and environmental data and critical control functions required to lower risk and increase safety and operational awareness during tanker hook-up and disconnect decisions for marine terminal and FPSO loading operations.

Pipeline monitoring and materials inspection

BMT's pipeline and materials engineering services team offers specialised engineering and expertise, research, consulting and software to help customers maximise pipeline efficiency while minimising risk.

BMT’s expertise in the areas of structures, materials, inspections, welding and testing helps customers to understand and anticipate the root cause of pipeline fatigue and fracture and develop strategies to mitigate the potential for repeat failures.

Key services:

  • Advanced monitoring and measurement.
  • Development and application of advanced finite element modelling tools for oil and gas pipeline owners and operators.
  • Wide range of laboratories and test facilities to support engineering services and research efforts. 


Marine growth assessments

Offshore installations and pipelines can become colonised by marine organisms, impacting efficiency and safety.

Our understanding of the extent and form of colonisation helps customers assess, prevent and rectify problems resulting from fouling.

  • Analysis of ROV and diver survey videos and images
  • Assessment of composition and percentage cover of the main types of fouling
  • Provision of depth/ thickness profiles of marine growth on offshore installations
  • Guidance on the legal requirements relating to protected and invasive species
  • Assessment and determination of total added weight of marine growth on structures scheduled for decommissioning