Client support services

We provide customers comprehensive advice and services throughout their projects and assets life. Ensuring that operational downtime is minimised and metocean risks are known.

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Client support services

With many of our systems being installed for over 20-years, we understand the importance of the management of the reliability of instrumentation and data for the safe and efficient operation of assets offshore.  We ensure that our extensive metocean data sets are used effectively to provide estimates of weather downtime and provide you with statistical reports to identify the optimal weather window.

We maintain our commitment to our customers through after sale care of instrumentation packages, advice and recommendations for upgrades.


Maintenance, upgrades and inspections

Regular servicing of instrumentation ensures long-term quality data is acquired and reduces potential operational downtime.

We provide service agreements for maintenance, upgrades, consulting and training services to support and maintain client owned marine monitoring systems for the life of the asset. The services provided include preventive maintenance programs and client support, field engineers to repair, calibrate, maintain and improve marine monitoring systems, including sensors and software.

BMT offers a comprehensive range of services to provide a complete understanding of an asset’s long term integrity.

Data analytics and digital products

We understand marine structures; we employ numerous naval architects and ocean engineers and are a leading global surveyor in marine insurance.  We understand the metocean environment and have our own in-house metocean consultants, models and data.  This expertise, together with our offshore monitoring and data analytics experience finds expression in BMT data products and services, allowing us to support offshore operators to review and forecast the performance of their assets. 

Our highly qualified and experienced data analysts and ocean engineers provide reliable, secure information to major oil and gas clients that depend on the measured data.

BMT has an advanced interactive asset data platform (BMT Deep) designed by offshore marine professionals for offshore marine professionals. BMT Deep delivers deeper insights for enhanced asset performance management and is the product of over 20 years’ practical in-field experience in offshore oil, gas and renewables. BMT Deep harnesses big data to deliver a clear picture it can store, manage, integrate, post-process and visualise vast data sets, fast. It’s interactive, intuitive and facilitates the exploration of data - from multiple sensor time series to post-processed and statistical data, from a single asset or a fleet, throughout its operational history. BMT Deep is secure and powerful as all data is stored, managed and processed in the secure environment provided by BMT.

In addition to the above, we carry out client specific data analyses when an event has occurred that may have affected the asset performance and integrity. This may include fatigue assessment, forensic analysis on controlled and documented data or post hurricane analysis.