Monitoring and advisory systems

With over 20 years’ experience in the design, procurement, integration and installation of monitoring systems worldwide on over 120 facilities and vessels, we are strongly positioned to provide customers in the oil and gas industry with Marine Monitoring and Advisory Systems.

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Monitoring and advisory systems

Our Marine Monitoring Systems are found on a wide range of offshore facilities.

They provide valuable information for marine operational decision making in real-time whether offshore or onshore. 

Data can be collated to help assess early field development and with future engineering design and operating criteria.

BMT is certified in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001.


Marine monitoring system

As deep water drilling moves further offshore and new countries open their borders for exploration, collecting environmental data may be a requirement either by governments or by the investing company. Collecting data during a long-term drilling campaign can be cost effective and provide valuable information for future field development.

Our Marine Monitoring System can be custom designed to provide information on full water column current velocity, full wave spectrum including directional waves, wind profiling, temperature, pressure humidity cloud height and visibility. The monitoring system can provide data in real time to both users onshore and offshore.

Helideck monitoring systems (HMS)

As Advisors to the CAA on helideck design and providers of integrated marine monitoring systems, we understand both the regulatory requirements associated with offshore helideck operations and the need for accurate, consistent meteorological and motions data.

BMT are leaders in the aerodynamics and flight safety of offshore helicopter operations in the oil and gas industry. Our scientists and engineers ensure that the helideck monitoring system provides the user onshore and offshore with data that is fully complaint with the UK’s CAP 437 publication and the recommendations of OHSAG. In addition, we can customize data displays and include additional features such as Motion Severity Index to suit the end user requirements.

Independent remote monitoring

The BMT IRMS can remotely collect and transmit data from any facility offshore in near real time, independent of the facilities power supply and communication system.

Our Independent Remote Monitoring System provides operators with key environmental and dynamic performance data in real-time along with video and still image capture of actual conditions offshore for effective decision making. Originally designed for monitoring abandoned platforms during severe weather conditions in the Gulf of Mexico, the IRMS can be utilised to monitor any vessel or facility whether cold stacked or operational.

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Jackup advisory system

Our jackup advisory system provides the operator with accurate information on sea conditions and motions when moving on and off location. This can lead to less time spent waiting on weather, reduced exposure to risk of incidents, and fewer commercial disputes between operators and contractors.

Our jackup advisory system is capable of providing real-time data on spud can motions, hull motions, sea state and advise whether a potential move on or off location are within operational limits. This enables the owners and operators (onshore and offshore) of jack up platforms to make safer and efficient decisions during borderline weather conditions.