Environmental permitting and licensing

The offshore oil and gas industry faces ever increasing regulatory scrutiny with environmental issues at the top of the agenda. Offshore developments in the oil and gas industry require a series of environmental permits and licenses appropriate to the operations being undertaken.

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Environmental permitting and licensing

BMT provides a comprehensive range of services in support of understanding environmental impacts and satisfying regulatory obligations.

We highlight the sensitivities and potential environmental impacts of seismic and exploration drilling activities to support licensing applications. Our experience in this field means we have recently helped several major companies during Oil and Gas Licensing Rounds.

Our work is supported by our comprehensive understanding of all relevant environmental regulations, directives and international agreements.

Our multidisciplinary teams have many years’ experience in managing and carrying out The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process of producing an Environmental Statement (ES) for submission to the regulator.


Oil spill modelling and oil pollution emergency plans (OPEP)

Being able to accurately predict the location and environmental impact of a potential oil spill enables better planning and preventative measures, while also satisfying regulatory requirements.

Here, our in-house spill modelling capability, team of specialists and extensive support to the oil and gas industry combine to help customers prepare, update and review their OPEPs. We are also skilled in engaging, consulting and liaising with the relevant authorities and stakeholders during the preparation of OPEPs.  

Underwater noise assessments and modelling

Our experts can help you assess the magnitude, frequency and potential impacts of the underwater noise generated by proposed offshore operations to help you protect marine life and meet regulatory obligations.

We combine our powerful modelling tools with expert knowledge of sensitive marine species to provide a comprehensive assessment of your project. In addition, our knowledge of regulation concerning noise impact on individual species - cetacean, fish or mammal - means we can help carry out your operations safely, cost effectively and without damage to the environment.

We carry out underwater noise impact assessments for activities including:

  • Piling
  • Seismic surveying
  • Drilling
  • Vessel activity
  • Installation of subsea infrastructure