Business intelligence

We’ve enabled our clients to make better business decisions through unlocking data and turning it into valuable business intelligence.

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Simon Willmore

Head of Mission Systems/Head of Technical Information & Documentation

Bath, United Kingdom

+44 (0)1225 473600

Business intelligence

Our deep expertise in people, processes and platforms ensures we provide you with solutions that identify and solve real business problems.

People. Our business development specialists and analysts can identify and leverage existing capabilities within your organization.  We can recommend how to fill skills gaps, plan for the future and make the most of the diverse range of knowledge already in your organization.

Our experience in user requirements gathering and analysis has been proven with projects of all scales across commercial, defense and security sectors.  Our customers span private and government contracts globally.

Process. Our business analysts and human factors teams create standards-based process maps to help you better understand how your business works, identify efficiency savings and provide change management and transition plans.  We’ll be with you through the whole process as a partner in transforming your business.

Having a clear visualization of your business process can be mapped with live data to identify bottlenecks and opportunities for efficiency saving.

Platform. BMT can create the right software solutions using a range of commercial and open source solutions. We also provide bespoke software tailored specifically for your needs, all created internally by our ISO 9001 and TickITplus accredited teams who also provide on-going support through our in-house customer support.

Our knowledge of ETL processing pipelines and big data analytics let us propose the most effective ways to transform your data for entity and relationship extraction to create intuitive visualization, dashboards and reporting. This allows for flexible querying of diverse business data into useful, actionable information by users of all skills.