Client advisor

Many government procurement organizations find they need specialist expertise or support during challenging defense and security procurements.

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Rick Cox - Defence

Regional Vice President Business Development

Alexandria, United States

+1 703 920 7070

Client advisor

As Client Advisor or ‘Customer Friend’, we bring our expertise and independence to supplement your capabilities and capacity, giving you confidence that you are acting as a smart developer, smart specifier and smart buyer.

 Our independence from external shareholder and manufacturing interests sees us well placed to bring objective, best-for-project advice. We understand how to work in a close, supportive and collaborative relationship with our clients’ teams. Each customer of course has different needs, driven by budget, stakeholder interests, organizational culture etc. We shape the scale and scope of our role accordingly, from individual tasks lasting a matter of weeks to embedding employees within your team for several year.

The contributions we make as a Client Advisor are informed by extensive past experience: for two decades we have fulfilled this role in the UK, Australia, Norway, Finland, New Zealand, Canada and East Asia. We are open in sharing the best practice lessons learned from diverse programmes and markets and look for ways to benefit organizations through technology transfer.

Adding capability.

  • Requirements Capture.
  • Acquisition Strategy and Implementation.
  • Competitive Evaluation Processes.
  • Technical Assessment and Design Assurance.
  • Build Strategy and Supply Chain Assurance.
  • Support Solution Development and Assurance.

 Adding capacity.

  • Meeting surge requirements with suitably qualified and experienced personnel.
  • Provision of facilities, tools and infrastructure.