Engineering policy and project assurance

Engineering policy covers a complex range of constantly evolving regulatory and advisory frameworks: from requirements, regulations and specifications to standards and guidance.

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Engineering policy and project assurance

Our experience and investment in staying up-to-date makes us a valuable partner in navigating the development and application of policy assurance. 

We help sustain joined-up regulation and guidance infrastructures through intelligent development and maintenance of engineering policy giving our customers confidence that coherent project documentation selection, management and implementation is in place. That reassurance allows you to apply engineering policy confidently and effectively to manage risk, ensure safety and optimize performance.

We facilitate end-to-end project performance through assurance of infrastructure and execution using our insights into government’s requirements for approval and acceptance.

Our Engineering Policy and Project Assurance services include:

Insight into MOD requirements.

With our industry associations and experience, we are a key ally if you undertake projects for the UK MoD.  Our specialist knowledge of how the MoD works enables us to help project managers, suppliers and end users understand MoD requirements and policy. Armed with this, our clients are better equipped to apply MoD requirements for successful product acceptance. Specifically, our work heading the Naval Defence Standards project (NDS), that reviews and updates many maritime engineering standards, gives us a unique understanding of the MOD’s requirements.