Marine and transport planning

Multiple safety, environmental and financial factors are crucial to the success of marine and transport projects.

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Complex challenges, clear insight

Addressing these complex challenges means having access to the right combination of technical ability and hard-won experience. Our transport specialists work closely with our economic and environmental teams to unlock all the opportunities your project presents.

Applying our expertise to protect lives, communities & assets

Marine Traffic Impact Assessment (MTIA)

BMT’s MTIA studies identify the primary constraints and necessary measures for safe & efficient marine infrastructure development. We adopt a structured approach following the IMO's Formal Safety Assessment methodology:

  • Identification of Hazards
  • Assessment of Risk
  • Development of Risk Control Options
  • Review of Cost Benefit issues
  • Development of Recommended Actions

MTIA studies have supported the planning and design airport expansion and reclamation, submarine tunnels, bridge connections between islands, ports & terminals, and offshore wind farms.

Temporary Marine Traffic Management (TMTM)

BMT is able to offers its experience in providing feasible marine traffic schemes, facilitating a safe marine working environment for both site construction activity and efficient supply vessel transit. Through our deep knowledge of the local regulatory landscape, BMT's clients have been successful in achieving buy-in from all stakeholders and satisfying government requirements.

Supported by sophisticated 3D mapping & modelling, our TMTM services assist:

  • Marine construction: ranging from major port/reclamation works to specialist cargo delivery, and
  • Logistics planning: transport of construction waste, prefabricated unti delivery, vessel access review

Transport Studies

BMT's specialists provide effective service to clients in the development of key transport infrastructure, required to link commuter routes and waterfront facilities in the most attractive, efficient and cost-effective manner.

We offer:

  • Feasibility Study on Coastal, Inland Waterway and Offshore Projects
  • Scoping Studies on Marine Network Requirements
  • Detailed Marine Traffic Forecast and Impact Assessment
  • Concept Design for Marine Facilities (Landings & Piers)
  • Integrated Marine Transport Masterplans

Naval Architecture

Our specialised ship designs and sophisticated modelling services aim to protect people, cargoes, environment and assets. The best of BMT’s commercial and naval expertise is delivered to our regional customers through a proven record of providing shipping services:

  • We combine our strengths in naval architecture, marine engineering and technology to provide specialised designs and performance management tools
  • We manage complex and innovative design briefs – from feasibility through to detailed design, to maintenance and life extension

Related projects

MTIA and Management Measures for Dredging Activity in a Busy Port

Using AIS-based methodology, BMT mapped out marine traffic scenarios that have enabled clients to plan future dredging activity safety & efficiently.

Marine Integration Study for Metro Line Development, Dubai

BMT delivered a Preliminary Marine Transportation Masterplan and an Intermodal Terminal Requirements study to identify the value of adding marine connectivity to Dubai's metro line development.

Marine Planning for the Arabian Canal in Dubai

The Arabian Canal is a unique navigable waterway set within a broad corridor of waterfront real estate development. Years ago when it was proposed, it was anticipated that the canal would host a variety of recreational and public Ferry/Water Bus vessels. BMT delivered several marine planning services to aid canal development.

Marine QRA of LNG Transport via an LNG Vessel

Our combined experience in hazard assessment and marine safety enabled the accurate identification of the relative risk of various transit routes.

Marine Transport Masterplan, Dubai Waterfront and Palm Jebel Ali

BMT took part in a review of the opportunities for a public marine transport system as part of a previously commissioned waterfront master plan.

Marine Transportation Masterplan, Dubai

BMT supported Parsons Brinckerhoff in developing the first marine transport masterplan for Dubai. A transport model integrating inland and offshore modes can realise significant efficiencies and benefits.

Public Transportation Program, Jeddah

Jeddah's coastal areas have seen significant growth in recent years. BMT proposed a network that was aligned with the significant recreational areas and attractions being developed along the coastline.

Public Water Transport Study, Dubai

BMT reviewed the operational feasibility of an extended ferry route along the full length of the Dubai Creek.

Lagoons Development, Sharjah

BMT reviewed the opportunities and constraints for a recreational marine transport system in the western border of Sharjah, which is flanked along the coastline by a series of lagoons.

Waterborne Tourism Development, Hong Kong

Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter is a major working harbour and tourism node, and the Hong Kong Government has sought to improve the amenities and access to the coastal and water areas. In order to address marine issues BMT conducted a traffic study to support its tourism development.

Marine Transport Requirements, The Pearl, Qatar

BMT supported COWI in the development and evaluation of a direct airport link at The Pearl, Qatar, utilising “Venetian style” fast launches.