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The commercial imperatives to value engineer your building without compromising integrity, maintain project momentum and achieve planning consent make accurate, reliable data and advice essential.

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Signature Buildings

We have experience of commercial, office and residential buildings, including high-rise structures, and their interactions with their natural environment in numerous worldwide locations. We combine this local knowledge with the technical ability to identify opportunities to value engineer and reduce environmental impacts.

We help remove design conservatism, and consequently reduce cost, when considering, for example, cladding pressures, freeing architects to feature more extensive glazing in their designs if that is appropriate to the local climate. In many climates it is desirable to maximize the amount of sunlight/daylight that reaches a building façade or outdoor space. In harsh climates the converse is true, and the protection from direct solar radiation becomes key to ensuring occupant or pedestrian comfort.


For high rise structures, we help you achieve distinctive architecture that challenges the slenderness ratio and exploits wind-sensitive, lighter materials in an increasingly dense and complex urban environment where buildings communicate more with each other.

The design of the building envelope and external spaces directly affect the comfort that people feel. To improve comfort by reducing or increasing solar gains to façade surfaces and externals spaces sun angles must be carefully considered. Our Daylight, Sunlight and Overshadowing Assessments demonstrate to planners the due diligence they look for in measuring and mitigating any adverse light effects to your structure, neighbouring properties and the local area.