We help assure bridge designs with their local wind environment, allowing designers to exploit lighter, composite materials to deliver architectural value.

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David Hankin

Principle Engineer

Teddington, UK

+44 (0) 208 943 5544


As materials become more lightweight and structure reduced, the particular challenges of verifying designs demands a new approach where traditional model making and wind testing no longer apply. We are pioneering a hybrid approach, revising the materials for models and mixing wind tunnel testing with numerical studies to accurately deliver the full scale forces these complex structures will experience.

We are as ambitious as you for your structure and support you clear, actionable advice. From early-stage confidence in your design being buildable to help moving beyond codes to smarter, more effective design, we provide assurance at each stage.

Workshopping what ‘success’ looks like.

To help you arrive at the optimum design, faster, we have created a series of one day workshops to iterate designs, assessing the aerodynamics and wind loading on your bridge. Providing a ‘live’ test space to share results, shave elements, adjust shape or height allows us to work through some ten options in a single workshop day.