Innovation and striking architectural design are key to modern airport design. With airports acting as commuter hubs, the ability to accommodate future sustainable growth, shopping, attractions and leisure facilities are all key to modern airport design.

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David Hankin

Principle Engineer

Teddington, UK

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With these trends come challenges: to deliver larger roof spans, distinctive architecture with cantilever designs and increased glazing.

As our customers seek to create attractive spaces with ambitious architecture, reduced material use and minimal impact on flight paths, we support them environmental, aerodynamic and microclimate assessments.

We work with architects to give them early-stage confidence that their design is buildable within the site-specific wind environment.   We help architects, engineers and developers move beyond codes to smarter, more effective design.

We provide a clear, evidence-based view of exactly what your structure will experience, helping you reduce final development cost caused by design conservatism in the conceptual phase.

To improve the accuracy of our advice, we have innovated the way we test airport structures, and today integrate pressure tubes within the roof structure of our models to ensure the aerodynamic accuracy of our results across all surfaces.

Our multi-disciplinary teams can also support the development team with Environmental Impact Studies, including any marine and terrestrial ecology assessment that may be affected by the airport site location.