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Bunker fuels and marine fuels

From fuel testing to acting as expert witnesses or arbitrators, we provide specialist independent advice for claims and disputes related to the quality of marine fuels.

We deal with many fuels claims each year, and with the new IMO sulphur standards, pressure on fuel and bunker questions is expected to increase. The stability and quality of compatible marine fuels are the main concern for shipowners and charterers alike, in addition to problems connected to storage and fuel treatment on board. In the most unfortunate event, damage to the primary or auxiliary engines may occur with significant financial consequences.

Container technologies and transport

Our track record in forensic investigation and the provision of independent advice for loss prevention and claim / litigation procedures in container collapse cases are outstanding.

A container is more than just a steel box; it is required to meet a substantial number of regulations on dimensions and strength. Equally, all elements that are part of the container lashing and securing system are subject to strength requirements imposed by the Classification Societies.

We have extensive experience in the investigation of collapsed container stows and lashing and securing force calculations. We set suitable test criteria for lashing material and coordinate tests through reputable test facilities, including our in-house test laboratories.

Cranes, engines and machinery

We bring our decades of engineering experience to a wide range of non-marine technical machinery, rolling stock and associated land-based equipment. In addition to our marine services, our expertise in specialised machinery applies to a comprehensive range of assets from cranes and terminal equipment to engines and machinery.

We offer services encompassing repair advice, metallurgy and testing and valuations.

Fire investigation

We are independent forensic investigators conducting fire- and explosion-investigations in, amongst others, buildings, vehicles, ships, business and industrial complexes.

Our fire investigators are certified by the IAAI (the International Association of Arson Investigators), guaranteeing the world’s highest standard in fire investigation techniques. The IAAI accreditation ensures that all investigations are performed in accordance with the scientific method of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). All investigators go through continuous training and re-certification.  We also provide experts, qualified and trained in giving evidence in court and arbitration.

3D Photography | CT Scan

We use different, innovative research methods such as 3D visualisation and photography or CT scans to make the invisible visible...without destructive examination.  3D photography, as well as CT scans, come into operation primarily during fire investigations cases:

3D Photography (Matterport)

Documenting a fire scene requires precise, on-the-spot mapping of the available evidence. Our 3D laser scan camera (Matterport) helps to document fire investigation scenes more comprehensively than traditional tools and provides a more complete snapshot of the fire scene. Laser scanning supports a highly accurate, systematic approach and improves workflow efficiency, from gathering evidence on the spot to post-processing and presentation in court for forensic investigation.

CT Scan

Fire investigation includes both field and laboratory work to determine the cause of the fire. By using the CT scan, we can create images that distinguish between organic and inorganic substances or identify damage-causing defects, making it easier to pinpoint the cause of the fire.

Heavy lift and project cargo

Our specialists understand the specific challenges of heavy lift shipping, often involving the sea transportation of weighty, voluminous, and valuable loads, requiring special care and preparation.

We have extensive experience with advising on all kinds of heavy lift and project cargoes: From reactors and pressure vessels for refineries and petrochemical plants, components for power generation and distribution (such as boilers, turbines, generators, transformers) to breakbulk (i.e., boxes, crates, unpacked and skid-mounted units), rolling stock (such as locomotives, railway equipment, bulldozers, cranes) and floating equipment such as dredgers, barges, and yachts.

As the nature and composition of the cargo are unique for each voyage, operations planning and coordination require strict attention to ensure proper execution.

Inland navigation

We’ve been serving the inland navigation market for more than100 years, building an unrivalled knowledge of the industry and all relevant vessel types, from ferries, cruise vessels and containers to push barges and a wide variety of tankers and dry bulk barges.

Perishable goods and food safety

We have experience investigating any sort of perishable good losses. With most of our offices being located in the busy North-West European ports, we handle about 4,000 cases in this area per year involving these types of products. We advise on the many different factors that can determine the appropriate temperature as well as other conditions for shipment.

Our services include:

  • Investigations into the nature, extent and cause of damage
  • Performance review of reefer container
  • Testing of reefer equipment and analysis
  • Advice on transport and storage requirements
  • Loss prevention advice
  • Research programmes to turn around damage trends
  • Advice during new trade / new product pilots
  • Reefer vessel inspections
  • Audits of storage facilities

Renewables and offshore

We are eCMID accredited and deliver expert surveys on all vessel types in the Renewables & Offshore industry. We have been involved with the offshore renewables sector from the outset, with our involvement reaching back to early work on wind and wave energy devices in the 1980s. Involvement has included elements so diverse as weather forecasting and prediction of scrub to maintenance program creation and from vessel design to accident investigation.

We perform audits following the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), eCMID and eMISW. We have extensive experience with all types of vessels: jack-up, heavy-lift; dynamic positioning; pipe and cable lay and small workboats.

On top of the CMID and MISW inspections, we also offer the following specialist services:

  • on-hire /off-hire, suitability and due diligence surveys and surveys
  • post-incident investigation
  • marine warranty survey services

Tankers, liquids and gas

Our tanker experts have extensive practical experience on board seagoing vessels and at storage terminals which they use to investigate claims for the international oil, gas and chemicals industry. More than for other cargoes, the investigation of crude oil, fuel oil, gas and chemicals claims require an analytical approach: not only literally by using special laboratories for sampling and analysing but also figuratively by checking the vast amount of records made by the crew during pre-loading and transportation. The mostly toxic atmosphere in cargo tanks and hazardous nature of the cargo itself does not always allow an immediate visual inspection of tanks.

Special attention is required to, for instance, tank cleaning, the effects of the tank coating and, not least, the individual properties of the more than 2,000 different types of chemicals transported by sea.

Vessel performance

MATE™ helps to improve operational efficiency and manage risk.  It is the only cloud-based tool that translates the results of physical inspections into scoreboards and graphs, highlighting risk areas.

Wreck removal and salvage consultancy

Our dedicated team includes experienced salvage masters from the Dutch salvage industry with Lloyds SCR (Special Casualty Representative) accreditation.

Our core salvage team not only comprises experienced salvage masters but also naval architects, marine engineers and lifting specialists, with many years of experience in salvage and wreck removal, for either deep-sea, coastal and/or inland operation.

All of these services can be deployed on very short notice worldwide, 24/7.

Pollution and enviornmental damage

We combine the surveying with the environmental, as well as oil and gas expertise, all within our company, making us uniquely qualified to advise on all such incidents. Our marine biologists are able to determine the short and long term effects of incidents on marine life. As well as oil spills, fuel leakages and failure of bunkering operations, damage to the environment can also be caused by loss of deck cargo overboard, emission of toxic gases from tankers, spread of soot from exhaust gases.



Our services include: investigations into cause and extent; gathering evidence; providing advice for clean-up or removal; providing assistance during tendering; analyses; cost review; environmental impact analyses; decommissioning programs and scoping; permits and consents licences; OPEPs; underwater noise assessments and modelling; environmental baseline surveys; consultation support with the regulators; waste management services; risk and data management; chemical permitting; social impact assessments and; NEMS Accounter.

Yacht surveys

Our experience stretches from small leisure craft surveys to our leading superyacht naval architecture and engineering business.

In addition to yacht owners, managers, insurance underwriters and lawyers, we act for all sectors of the yachting community, including builders, suppliers, and other third-party interests.

We have a comprehensive range of services that can be applied for any yacht size, varying from small pleasure craft to the most customised mega yacht.