Marine investigation & consultancy

We consult on global regulation, shared attitudes and ideas for maritime operations, including how we respond to incidents, vessel surveying, and cargo handling.

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24/7 surveying support

We offer 24/7 support through our team of staff surveyors, as well as using our global network consisting of more than 500 surveyors’. We provide a wealth of extra technical expertise, including financial modelling, forensic investigation, simulation, and modelling services.

Our approach is pragmatic and scientific when needed. We use simulation and visualisation tools and other state-of-the-art software to support our investigations.

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Expert witness and litigation

We provide oral and written evidence in court and arbitration proceedings at all stages of the claims, dispute and litigation process.

We offer independent advice, including expert witness and forensic analysis to support disputes and litigation claims.

We accept appointments to act as court surveyors or as arbitrators for several jurisdictions.

In case of a mediation, we may also provide technical assistance.

Surveys, audits, and certifications

We offer a broad range of surveys, audits, and certifications to promote safety and operational efficiency. We are certified by leading industry organisations like the Nautical Institute, the International Marine Contractors Association, or the 360 Quality Association. We report to accepted standards - so survey results and audits are comparable, always, and everywhere.

However, we can also set up and deliver reports that meet your needs. MATE© translates inspection results into intuitive reports and benchmarks, helping you improve vessel performance and mitigate risk.

International Marine Contractors Association

IMCA’s CMID and MISW audits are the industry standard for due diligence and safety inspections for vessels working in the offshore and renewables industry. IMCA’s eCMID system provides a standardised format for vessel inspection, offering a safety management system ‘health check’ focusing on specific risk areas presented by the specialist vessel types operating in the market.

Visit the International Marine Contractors Association eCMID website