Marine and coastal transport planning

Multiple safety, environmental and financial factors are crucial to the success of marine and transport projects.

We deliver the right combination of technical ability and hard-won experience to address your complex challenges, working holistically to unlock all the opportunities your project presents. 

Our services:

  • Site selection
  • Feasibility studies and concept designs
  • Network modelling studies
  • Construction support

Complementary services

Marine Traffic Impact Assessment (MTIA)

We help to identify the primary constraints and necessary measures for safe & efficient marine infrastructure development. We adopt a structured approach following the IMO's Formal Safety Assessment methodology:

  • Identification of Hazards
  • Assessment of Risk
  • Development of Risk Control Options
  • Review of Cost Benefit issues
  • Development of Recommended Actions

MTIA studies have supported the planning and design airport expansion and reclamation, submarine tunnels, bridge connections between islands, ports & terminals, and offshore wind farms.

Temporary Marine Traffic Management (TMTM)

We deliver feasible marine traffic schemes, facilitating a safe marine working environment for both site construction activity and efficient supply vessel transit to help you achieve buy-in from all stakeholders and satisfy government requirements.

Supported by sophisticated 3D mapping & modelling, our TMTM services assist:

  • Marine construction: ranging from major port/reclamation works to specialist cargo delivery, and
  • Logistics planning: transport of construction waste, prefabricated unti delivery, vessel access review

Transport Studies

We provide effective service to clients in the development of key transport infrastructure, required to link commuter routes and waterfront facilities in the most attractive, efficient and cost-effective manner and deliver:

  • Feasibility Study on Coastal, Inland Waterway and Offshore Projects
  • Scoping Studies on Marine Network Requirements
  • Detailed Marine Traffic Forecast and Impact Assessment
  • Concept Design for Marine Facilities (Landings & Piers)
  • Integrated Marine Transport Masterplans

Ports and transport infrastructure authorities

Transport infrastructure across ports, airports, roads, and rail face challenges because of climate change and extreme weather.

These challenges present as the need for new design standards to accommodate future conditions, changes to modes of operation, increased downtime, changing levels of service, and increasing maintenance requirements and costs.

Because of climate impacts, breaks in the connectivity of transport supply chains across and between modes of transport (such as road and rail connections to seaports and airports) will also require much more connected and collaborative approaches.

We can assist governments and transport authorities understand these implications moving forward to inform new planning and design requirements and the progressive management of existing resources and operations.

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