Environmental management: regulatory, compliance and legal

As well as communicating the science, we are skilled in managing the stakeholder engagement that is key to improving your social licence to operate.

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Philip Haines

Managing Director, Water & Environment/Senior Principal Engineer

Brisbane, Australia

+61 (0) 7 3831 6744 environment@bmtglobal.com

We have a unique understanding of the technical issues, planning and policy frameworks surrounding coastal development.  Our work for and reputation with different regulators worldwide means that we understand drivers and can present information that matches priorities and ways of working.

Policy and regulatory guidance

The need for your policies and procedures to be up to date and actively ensure compliance becomes more necessary and more challenging as the demands of new regulations become more onerous.

We can help your organisation develop policies and procedures that reflect and define best practice environmental management and support your business objectives:

  • Project scoping
  • Review of legislation and policy
  • Site investigations, including baseline surveys
  • Impact analysis, including cumulative impacts
  • Development of appropriate mitigation and management measures
  • Developing and refining environmental quality documentation, including EMPs, EMS, EHSSQ and ISO 14001

Environmental impact assessments

We have an international reputation for preparing high-quality EIAs and associated technical studies. Preparation of such documents requires a comprehensive knowledge of all relevant national, state, and local authority regulations, standards and practices, and the reporting requirements to satisfy the various approval processes.

The key to an effective EIA is understanding relevant pathways and identifying environmental thresholds beyond which it is impossible to recover the impacts. We develop ecological mitigation and monitoring measures to reduce environmental risk whilst maintaining the project's integrity effectively.

We are experienced in carrying out environmental investigations for the private, government and industry sectors; we draw on this heritage to satisfy the demands of diverse regulatory environments and different sectors. 

We can address all aspects of the EIA process and the preparation of environmental management plans.  Equally, we develop project concepts and designs that will meet environmental standards whilst maintaining the project's integrity.

Design of management plans

Our experience in, and reputation for, developing environmental management plans (EMPs) means that we can help you successfully meet the requirements of permits and approval and, in doing so, the needs of regulators. Based on project data, our EMP design goes beyond statutory reporting requirements to help you fully understand and manage all the environmental factors associated with your project.

Environmental approvals

Getting the necessary approvals for your project can be a complex and demanding task. We can interpret the broad range of environmental laws and policies that can apply to a project. We can help you manage the whole process, from identifying and measuring impacts to liaising with regulatory agencies and preparing environmental management and mitigation plans. We apply our experience operating in differing regulatory environments and industries to your advantage.

We help you navigate environmental assessment, approvals and compliance processes for large and small-scale developments and infrastructure projects across the entire life cycle.  We work as trusted advisors to gain ecological approvals that are timely and practical to implement.  We offer innovative solutions to reducing project risk and optimising healthy community and environmental outcomes.

Peer review and expert opinion

We have credibility in presenting a credible argument and answering cross-questioning to assist environment courts with assessments of development proposals.



We specialise in:

  • Obtaining environmental approvals for both large and small-scale development projects across Federal, State and Local government jurisdictions
  • Assisting with procurement processes to ensure ecological outcomes are understood and integrated
  • Developing environmental management plans
  • Negotiating planning and implementing offset packages
  • Environmental Construction and operations compliance auditing
  • Assessment and planning applications
  • Climate change resilience planning

Approval documentation

Our reports and studies are of the highest quality to help you obtain approvals, demonstrate compliance with environmental and planning requirements, and minimise information requests.  The documentation that we can prepare and review concerning coastal works and development projects include:

  • Approval strategies
  • Development applications
  • Assessment reports supporting development applications, including responding to regulatory agency information requests
  • Environmental Management Plans (EMP), o‑set plans and ecological monitoring strategies
  • Reviewing conditions of approval
  • Preparation and delivery of communication and engagement strategies for stakeholder and regulatory agency consultation
  • Strategic advice, peer review, audits of conditions and expert witness reports.

Stakeholder engagement

Effective communication and consultation with stakeholders and the community remain the benchmark of an effective EIA process. We strive to communicate the often-complex technical analysis effectively and present the information to regulatory agencies and stakeholders. We can ensure that our output is technically robust and effectively communicated using the latest graphical and GIS software.

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